Mosaic Monday~Loving Fall

Sharing with everyone at Dear Little Red House's~Mosaic Monday


Are THOSE those little tomatoes I love so much?!?
Gail said…
I'm not ready!

Summer was such a dry blast of heat from Hades, I want a long warm fall.
nice colors!! very cool autumn mosaic!!
Anonymous said…
Look at that happy little cardinal.
nice collage JP.
happy monday.
Tiggeriffic said…
I can hear the Cardinal saying "What Cheer" "What Cheer".. so beautiful and in the bright sunshine so colorful... God is good ~! Love the way you made that picture ~! Each window showing a splash of fall and color...
ta ta for now from Iowa:)
Ann said…
Love this mosaic. The tomatoes look yummy. We didn't get nearly enough out of the garden this summer
Anonymous said…
We had a very hot summer as well. They say that it is going to be 10 years of this. (ouch)

I like your show and tell photos .

Pretty delightful colurs of Nature.
Mary said…
You must have actually watered! I didn't too much -- love the cardinal!
betty-NZ said…
That's a great little mosaic. Such crisp and clean photos.

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