One Year?

Although it may seem uncanny, the Pres and I are rapidly approaching our anniversary. 

No not our wedding anniversary...heck that was in July...on the 4th.  

This anniversary is ONE YEAR that we've been back in Connecticut!

And what a year it's been!!!

We've cleared trees and vines.

We've ripped out invasive plants like Japanese Barberry.

The Pres seeded and spread lime.

Copper played.

Moon watched.

We built fences and gates.

We cleared and chipped dead cedars for mulch.

I planted a few perennials which seem to like it here.

We moved rocks...some big...some small.

We saw my daughter move to Newport, RI.

Copper kept the mice away.

Copper played.

Moon watched...

Copper played.

We decorated our new house.

We had no grass, but it didn't matter.

Sometimes we had to take time out for the kids.

I took kayaking lessons.

We watched more plants flourish.

I met "the forest people," continuing to learn from them on excursions in around Goodwin Forest.

We watched American Bald Eagles soar through the yard.

We watched our three year old grand daughter in her first dance recital.

We went to Yale's Peabody Museum to see the dinosaurs. 

We watched our oldest grand daughter compete in a talent show.

We helped build a "playset."


that turned out to be
Stoney Brook Lodge !!!

We watched Rhia turn 11, Kree turn six, Tess turn five, Josh turn fourteen, Jon turn nineteen, the Pres' Mom turn 88 as well as birthdays here and there.  

Let's see...and a tree fell on our new house the night before my birthday last December!

We watched a ton of awesome sunsets!

And more thing.

We now have GRASS!!!

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What a great year you've had! I'm so happy for you. Even though I miss ya ;-)
Anonymous said…
That was an eventful first year.
Ashling said…
Congratulations! Copper must be worn out...
Ann said…
That was some year. That is some beautiful grass you have now too
Chatty Crone said…
Wow that time went so fast - one year already.
gld said…
can't believe it has been a year already!

You have accomplished so much and sound so happy now. I am glad for you all.
I can't believe that its been a year--What an eventful and full one it has been for you and your family--THANKS for taking us along JP!! I look forward to seeing what your next year brings!

Enjoy your weekend!
Sounds like a wonderful year to me!! Here's to many more happy years on the homestead.
Nancy C said…
Can't believe it's already been one year. You accomplished alot in that time JP. :)
Jan Hennings said…
Love all your beautiful photo's!

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