The six "P's"

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poop Performance

We battened down the hatches here already!  We heeded the warnings and brought in the lawn furniture, stacked the wooden furniture up against the house,  All the spare gas cans and vehicles are full along with the generator and ATV.  Grocery shopping was done and the freezers are full.

Today, the Pres went to Cheshire to batten down his Mom's as well while I continue to take cold medicine.  Moon and Copper's beds are washed and freshened with clean blankets so we are ready for the arrival of the storm.

My daughter called this morning and they are prepared as well.  Becasue of where they are located outside of Newport, no evacuation is needed...thank goodness.

This is really going to be a whopper! 


Anonymous said…
Let's hope it's been over hyped by the media.
Ann said…
I agree with Delores. Hopefully it's not as bad as what they are saying
Bee Lady said…
Be safe and keep us posted on how you are doing.

Cindy Bee
Betty said…
It's been my experience that the TV stations go a little overboard which is why after a while people stop paying attention to their dire warnings. We learned our lesson after Katrina when they told the entire city of Houston and the surrounding suburbs to evacuate for Rita. We spent 15 hours in the car and traveled something like 30+ miles. Telling millions of people to get out was a little ridiculous. Talk about a traffic jam! Finally, we turned around and went home. It was like a ghost town, but the storm never came here and we didn't even get a drop of rain. Now they tell only the people in mandatory evacuation areas to get out and they tell the rest to stay put and not block the route for the ones that really need to leave.

I sure hope it fizzles out and you don't get much of a storm.
MorningAJ said…
Sit tight and stay safe!
be safe!! hopefully sandy will start to peter-out! either way...my thoughts are with you...

by the way, love your Autumn wall!

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