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Last Sunday the Pres and I went to Newport.  He was going to hang out with Angel while my daughter and I were going to find me a dress for the wedding which is only a week away.  

Dropping me off at Long Wharf, I walked gingerly to White House/Black Market where she is the Manager. Greeting me with smiles, hugs and a kiss, she then introduced me to two of her Sales Associates and one of her Assistant Managers.  She had told me to wear black tights, a skirt and boots to make things a little easier.  Her Assistant grabbed a pair of heels (way to high for me though!!) while she quickly went through some of their racks, placing cocktail dresses over her arm.  Following them like the little lost tom~boy I am, we entered the fitting room.

Her staff anxiously awaited as she helped me in and out of all the dresses.  Gosh there had to be at least seven that I tried on and two I really liked a lot.  Then I heard her Assistant say to her, "She's funky...have her try this on."  When Jennifer hung it in the dressing room, it didn't do much for me.  Reluctantly I put the dress on over my head.  Then, something happened when my daughter zipped it up and I turned around.

Yep.  That was the one!  Holy moose~poops, I looked AWESOME!  It's a reddish (not a bright red...a warm red...almost raspberry) and black animal print strapless little number with a fuller skirt which falls a little above my knee.  Then they had me put on a 3/4 sleeve black cardigan which has a ruffle down the front.  Snapping the buttons only at the waist, it was then cinched with the thin black belt.  I felt great...looked great!  I actually felt sassy and oh so feminine!!  I knew this one was a keeper!

Oh, one more thing.  I told the Pres he can't see the dress until the night of the wedding so it's safely packed away in the garment bag.    Shhhhhh.

Another mission...
the shoes!

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Oh it's totally cute! So the Prez doesn't read your blog?
Adorable. And yeah... what Lisa said!? .....

I love your header, is this your house? Beautiful decorating.

Nancy C said…
We will definitely need photos of you in this!
MadSnapper said…
i can't wait to see you in it, don't forget to get someone to photograph you. all that special attention sounds wonderful to me. my secrets are safe on my blog since hubby only looks if i drag him in and make him look at something.
Bee Lady said…
Gurrrl you are lookin' Hawt in that dress. I'm taking your word for it!

Just got caught up reading your blog. The sealions are adorable! Are you sure that mushroom is safe? I see some around here and I wonder if I'm always afraid to try them!

Happy Anniversary. I can't believe a year has gone by already. Seems like you just moved.

Cindy Bee
Brandi said…
I love that store and I love when you find something that makes you feel wonderful! I hope you have a great night!
Texan said…
Well its sure cute in the pic, agreed we will need photos when you wear it!
carol l mckenna said…
Great post ~ love the dress ~ have a great time ~ hope the Pres doesn't read your blog ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^
Anonymous said…
We won't say a word. It looks great.
MorningAJ said…
You are gonna look GORGEOUS in that!
its' lovely you will look terrific. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo P.S. did you enter my latest giveaway?
Ann said…
looks like a great outfit. That would be pretty awesome having all those people catering to you and someone who could figure out exactly what would work for you
Anonymous said…
Have a great time.

For sure that is the Cats Meow!

Those boots. Lovely! When we get snow no way can we wear those cute boots. We need high boots. Snow is up to our hips.

In the city well alott different.

I agree. You have to get a picture taken and I am sure where your going. You will. Love the outfit.

Be safe.
Sun Dry said…
We met the manager at this place for Las Vegas Weddings week before to plan everything out, and on the day of, everything was setup before I even got there.

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