The Box~A Story

What's was in the box that was delivered yesterday?

Read on, my on!

Nearly every window in my house has a tin window candle sitting on the sill.  Staying lit day and night year round, they give off that warm inviting feeling...a real country welcome.  I even have them on the vanities in the bathrooms, using them as nightlights for the Pres and I, now that we're "older."! 

  Years ago, I purchased thirty electric candle holders along with the waxy bulbs from a quaint shop in Kent, CT  Unfortunately, however, the shop went out of business right after we moved to Virginia.  I searched and searched for stores down there that carried them to keep the candles "burning" at our home in the hollow.  I found one in Bedford, one in Roanoke and one near Smith Mountain Lake but they were expensive and never on sale. 

 While I still worked that was fine.  I would buy ten to twelve bulbs each year, stashing them away like a squirrel stashes Fall acorns.  However, once I retired and had a fixed income, I began to shop around for a more affordable supplier.  Finding the perfect place to purchase these delicate silicone waxy 5 or 6 watt bulbs, I now have my source so there's no need to stash!

 Last week I once again visited my favorite site for replacement bulbs.  After I received confirmation of my order, I asked Robin if I could disclose their link on my blog.  She graciously agreed. 

So without further adieu, go visit them and browse their site, Prim Silicone Bulb Shoppe as they offer a wide variety of merchandise which is reasonably priced, readily available and shipped quickly.  In addition to their prices and selection, I loved the long flame~like tails on each bulb along with the manner in which they are shipped.  These bulbs, which are very delicate in nature, come carefully boxed and guaranteed!!  I get the feeling they like them as much as I do! more thing.
They seemed to have slipped in a special bulb in my shipment!!  Did you spot it in the picture?  I can't wait to try it.  I bet it's one of their scented ones...thanks Robin...big hugs from Connecticut!!


MadSnapper said…
your windows look beautiful, one of our neighbors has one in every window, but only at night, the sun is so bright here they would not be seen even from inside. yours looks so gorgeous. do the candles run on batteries and how long do they last. the bulbs in the box are beautiful to
MadSnapper said…
they will get a sale from me, i have been looking for pastel strands and in shorter lengths, she has all the colors. i got a short strand a few years ago with pastel bulbs, came with a tiny tree. now they are burned out and i threw it away. i will be placing and order. thanks a bunch
There's nothing like candles in the windows, I love their warm glow that are so inviting!!

I love the bulbs too, and like you I stash them away. There was a place that was going out of business and I bought all they had...But I forget where I put mine...

Enjoy your weekend!!
Angela said…
I love your house JP! I also love those cute candles you have in your windows! When we built our house I made sure we had an outlet in the middle of each window so I could do the candle thing. Seems like I bought some of those plastic Christmas type but at the time the upstairs wasn't finished so I've never even used them. Wonder where they even are at? lol I have 12 windows on the front of my house if you count the 2 in the garage.
Tiggeriffic said…
I think these are so cool.. My daughter has one of these electric lights and we put it in her son's bedroom for a night light.. Thanks for the tip for buying them online.
ta ta for now from Iowa:)
Gail said…
A great link to share. These are very unique and very tempting.

Your decorations are beautiful. Love your house.
Chatty Crone said…
I bet your home and your windows are lovely.
Anonymous said…
That would be the pinkish one?? What a lovely idea to have candles in all your windows.
Betty said…
Yes, I love those candles in windows. I don't see them here, but when I used to go to NJ to visit my parents a lot of people had them. I would love to have them in my windows, but I'm afraid the cats would knock them off. I'm glad you found a source for the bulbs. I bet your house look so pretty at night.
What a homely idea to keep the candles lit.
such excitement for you JP, to be able to get your bulbs.. Yes, I spot the different one.
Your home looks so cosy ..
happy weekend val
Inger said…
What a lovely idea. Candles on a window sill makes you feel welcome, I think. Thanks for sharing this and giving me new ideas.
Ann said…
I love these kind of bulbs. I actually found a tutorial for how to make your own. I have tried it but it's not as easy as it looks. The lady who did the tutorial said it takes some practice and she wasn't kidding. I'm going to check the link right now. I may be spending some money
Texan said…
Those are neat.. I like your holders with the tin bottoms. Are those electric or batter?
Unknown said…
I am a candle freak! But there is a way to diy these and create your own:
You can add coffee grounds to make them rustic and essential oils to make them fragrant. I'm going to try it myself. 8^)
Robin said…
Thank you so much for your kind words JP.... its friendly folks like you that keep me doing this. WE do enjoy creating silicone lights and we appreciate you blogging about our product.
Thanks again and have a wonderful evening.
Robin Weins :)

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