The Way To Go

Entering the Post Office, I could hardly wait to pick up my package.  I'd ordered a few things for myself from LL Bean....things to keep me warm while kayaking this fall.

Unsure of what to order, I consulted none other than the Pres.  I figured that if he knew how to keep warm hunting both on foot as well as sitting in a tree, he could surely give me some solid advice.

Just call me "Neoprene Nellie"!

Yep!  He was right.  Neoprene is the way to go.  My new apparel will keep me warm and dry!



Well now, I'll have to look into that "stuff". We use neoprene girths for our horses, it's great material, but does make their skin irritated sometimes.
I have a neoprene face mask that I use if it's wind chill below freezing - it really keeps my face warm! Although it does make me look kind of scary...
Tiggeriffic said…
When I went to football games when my boys were in high school. I always used neoprene to keep me warm.. IT just keeps the cold from creeping through the jacket you have on. I remember one time sitting in the snow and was as warm as toast..
Wish I lived closer I would go with you in your kayak..of course I would bring my own as two would be kind of squeeshy in one..
ta ta for now in Iowa:)
Anonymous said…
Colourful too.
Ann said…
Neoprene I like that.
Looks like Santa came a bit early for you, JP.

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