Visiting Is Exhausting

Yesterday, the Pres and I headed West with specific tasks in mind.  We needed to stop at the bank first, then a visit my MIL, and our last stop would be our son's.  When we got to the bank, the Pres waited in the truck while I ran in...mistake!  My quick pit stop turned into an unexpected thirty minute visit with former colleagues.  Welcoming me with open arms and ear to ear grins their sounds filled the lobby..."JP!

So needless to say, their warm reception made me beam with pride all day!

We found Mama hovering over the kitchen sink when we freshly picked mushrooms.  I'd never seen such a large "cauliflower" mushroom before!

This was the beginning of her process.  Today she plans on pickling her harvest with the help on of one of the Pres' brothers.

Look at her beautiful Dahlias!

Then while we were there a pleasant surprise!  Not only the Pres' youngest brother but also our old neighbor (when we lived in Cheshire) and our oldest daughter, who we rarely see because she works Monday through Friday, stopped in for a visit with "Gram"as well!

The place was hoppin' yesterday and we were exhausted!


Anonymous said…
Sounds like a wonderful and heartwarming day...and the dahlias are gorgeous.
beautiful flowers! beautiful day!!

we have so many mushrooms around here...such a variety...i wish i knew which ones were edible!!
Empty Nester said…
Just gotta love reconnections! That's the way I feel being back at school now. Our friends can make us feel so good, can't they? What a lovely day!
mshatch said…
The Dahlia's are absolutely gorgeous.
TexWisGirl said…
those blooms are beautiful. i'm tired just after the bank visit. :)
What a fun day! I love visiting with friends and family, but you're right about it wearing you out!

I hope you're enjoying your Sunday!
Inger said…
That sounds like a great day and I know your MIL must have had a lot of fun too. I like the new design of your blog, by the way. I've been meaning to tell you and finally today, I remembered. The sidebar design looks really great.
Tiggeriffic said…
What a marvelous day you had with old friends at the bank..I'm sure they welcomed you with open arms and gave you lots of hugs..
Those mushrooms look so good.. I only get mine out of a can or in the produce section of the grocery store..
Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)
Angela said…
I've never seen mushrooms like that before! Did she plant them or are they wild? I'm so glad that you are having a great time living there around your family. Beautiful flowers!

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