We Made It!

The Pres, Moon, Copper and I made it through hurricane Sandy relatively unscathed.  Loosing power last night around 6 pm forced us to turn the generator on until bedtime and again this morning.

Although we have no cable or internet service, we've kept ourselves busy this morning picking up branches and limbs.
Moon and Copper watched!!  I think they were emotionally drained listening to the howling winds and watching debris being thrown piercing the earth like javelins.

Our son is also without power.  However, my daughter never lost power even though winds and tides pounded the Newport shore.

Hope all of you are doing well and are as blessed as we are!

...:)  JP


MorningAJ said…
Glad to hear you're safe and sound.

Take care!
Glad you made it through safely!
EG CameraGirl said…
Good to hear that all is well for you!
MadSnapper said…
thanks for the update. i am fretting over blogger friends and family
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear you are okay over there. Us too.
Chatty Crone said…
I am glad to know you made it safely! sandie
Anonymous said…
I am so glad your okay as well.

I have been praying along with hubby for all to be safe.

Watching on tv. What a mess.

Those reporters out in those winds keeping us updated. Bless them all.Seen one gal she was soaken and she kept standing there.

Your daughter never has the power out. How is that?

Your son is out.

Nice oyu have Generators.

They have warning for us as well. We can have the not as high winds as you but some of it.

So In Canada we are prepared if one can say they can.

In Toronto area near Airport alot of lines down and trees I am told.

I live Up North about 5 hours away from City has not hit us.

glad to hear you made it through to the other side of Sandy...safely!
Ann said…
Good news, glad to hear it.
Ashling said…
So glad to hear it wasn't too bad for any of you!

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