What A Day!

I found them!

The other day it was like Christmas for me.  You see, I went shoe shopping and when I saw these, I just couldn't pass them up! 

They are suede (which is so "in" this year...suede anything!!) have just the right size heel for an old older lady and are just sooooo comfy!

Actually my daughter said the dress I'm wearing to the wedding would look great with them.  Because it falls above the knee and if I wear opaque black tights/hose, they would make my long legs even more attractive.  I was excited because I can wear these with jeans and cords!

That wasn't all that happened that day.  My old Craftsman tape measure, given to me many, many years ago by the Pres, broke.  It was shot.  But since the Pres was going that way anyway, he stopped at Sears and guess what???!!!!

There's nothing better than a woman with brand new tape measure for all those decorating tasks!

But that wasn't the end.

Out from behind his back, he took a box and placed it on the island.  "Here, this is for you."


So what do you think is in the box?  

to be continued...


Gail said…
You've left me hanging. If the perfect boots and a tape measure were not a day-maker I'm sure this package will make up for it.
Love your boots JP. Very useful for any occasion.
Tape measure is always on my desk..and in my kitchen draw another one.
Waiting to see what the Pres bought you !!
Happy weekend
Anonymous said…
As always, the master of the cliff hanger.
MadSnapper said…
a hammer and nails? ha ha just kidding, no clue and now i want to KNOW... love the shoes
Ann said…
LOVE the boots. You are going to look like a million bucks.
Can't wait to see what's in that box now
Chatty Crone said…
I bet you got a bloggie gift!
Whew, just finished reading some past posts, JP, cause I had a lot of catching up to do! Surprises are always nice, hope the boxed one is a great one. Congrats on the upcoming 1 year house anniv. We will be in New London, CT in a couple of weeks and then again at Thanksgiving time. Hope that one day we can meet. And, those brownies looked (and must have tasted) delicious.

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