Do YOU Know Where Your Children Are?

I grew up hearing that question so frequently on TV ads that it would only make sense that I like to know where the "kids" are too.  

Moon and Copper are outside a lot (within the confines of our fence) and now that it's dark so darn early, I like to know where they are.  It was time for me to put on their special collars.  

Moon's is yellow and Copper's is orange.  I've had the collars since I've had the dogs and they still work well after all these years!  Of course, I change them out to their regular collars as soon as Spring returns.

Now I know where they are.

  Well at least one of them.

Don't worry.
Copper Lucas Aspen is here somewhere!

On second thought, maybe I'd better go look for him.

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TexWisGirl said…
we used to keep reflective collars on a couple of ours. now they run loose like uncouth country kids. :)
Great idea about the collars--Being an overprotective dog owner, I worry about the dogs out in the yard at night, especially because I can't always see them--THANKS for the idea!! I hope you've doing well, and glad you had a good Thanksgiving!!
Ann said…
Well those are great collars.
Anonymous said…
Great idea.
Our "granddog" has what we call his Christmas Tree collar for nighttime outside. It has blinking lights on it. Nobody misses him when he's out in the yard. Makes folks on the street slow down, too, even though he isn't prone to go near it (thanks to other training).
MadSnapper said…
great idea, i saw glow in the dark collars at Walmart this morning. I thought you had bought collars with chips that you can track on your computer... LOL

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