Due Diligence

It's beginning to get chilly here at night and since our son doesn't have a vehicle large enough to haul a ton of pellets, the Pres offered to give him a hand.  And so it was.  

Knowing that my son works a part~time job in the evenings and that he needed to be home to help unload fifty 40 lb bags of wood pellets, we knew that we would be making the trip on one of his days off. 

Rather than shopping at the Home Depot near us, the Pres decided we would stop at one on the way to my son's.   Easy and uncomplicated, right?  


When the fellow driving the fork lift pulled up to our trailer, the Pres knew something was wrong.  The pallet appeared full.    

However,  we noticed that the bags were stacked "every which way" and something was definitely wrong not right.  It was short ten bags!  The young man's response when the Pres brought it to his attention?
"Oh, I guess my math is off today."

One more thing.
Remember, no one is perfect.


TexWisGirl said…
at least you were patient - and hopefully he made an honest mistake and wasn't trying to cheat you. i can see it now - a wood pellet selling ring on the street corner. :)
Gail said…
It seems more and more that you have to double check things like this. I don't think it's intentional, they just don't pay attention.
Ann said…
I wonder how often his math is off. Good thing the Pres noticed it.

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