Hang It Up

"It's time", he said. 

 Reluctantly, I nodded.  

After I neatly packed away the life jacket, my ratchet ties, cup holder, booties and gloves in the gray tub that would hold them until Spring, the Pres lifted up the bow and secured it while I balanced the other end of the kayak.

He came around, once again, climbed the ladder and took it from my hands.  Lifting it high above his head, he latched it securely.

It was sad.

But now?

Now it's time to get out the sleds


put the hard top back on the Wrangler!


Bee Lady said…
awww JP I feel your pain. Not with putting my kayak up, but with winter coming. It's ccccccold outside.

I remember that commercial...it's 11:00 at night...do you know where your children are?

Sounds like you had a wonderful, yet busy Thanksgiving. I LOVE handwritten recipes. So many people print them off the computer now a days....as do I. I do, however, have some that my Aunt who is now passed,and my babysitter, who is also passed, wrote out for me. I cherish them.

Cindy Bee
Anonymous said…
Woke up to a thin layer of snow on the ground...I guess the snow tire trick didn't work lol.
TexWisGirl said…
awww. to everything a season.
Seasons come and go. I feel a little sad this week..
I can't believe nearly another year is coming to an end.
You have shown us some fantastic photos on your kyaking outings.. and learnt much JP:
Now you can have fun in the snow.
We dont get snow here..only high up in the mountains.
happy weekend
val x
Anonymous said…
I get snow aslo.Last night the covering. So we have to show and tell for others who dont get it.

Mine you many people who never got it.
We share ours last year.

You notice.

Alright. We dont mine sharing as long as everyone will take notice and get the right boots.

One gal in England got it and she wrote me. What kind of boots should I get.

Warm boots gal. Hats for sure and gloves and a warm coat. When you drove learn how to turn your car the proper way as not to hit anyother car.

Am I doing good. You tell the rest.

Have a great weekend.
Ann said…
It's always a bit sad putting things away for the winter. At least you have the sleds to occupy your time during the cold months. I just try and hibernate...lol
before you know it, the pres will be pulling that kayak back down again! in the meantime...enjoy the snow!! =)
Unknown said…
Thanks so much for your visit! What a great kayak!
Tammy said…
I begged my husband to pull my kayak out of the shed when the trout in a pond up in Woodstock beckoned me (could you hear them calling me? ). Friday was so nice but then it gave way to Saturday's increasing winds and much colder temperatures. Sadly, I told him he could stash the kayak back into the shed until spring.

I shall prepare my ice fishing equipment for the trout now.

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