Let's Call It...Shattering News

A while back, the Pres had some difficulties "relieving himself."  Pain free, he just couldn't "go."  Without me revealing all the details (because he wouldn't want me to), a series of tests have been done along with visits to his Urologist.  It seems that those times that he was having difficulty urinating, even though he insisted on waiting until his annual doctor's visit, there were stones forming in his bladder!  

Thinking he would be a candidate for a lithotripsy, I insisted on going with him to his visit to the urologist.  

I was wrong.

  A lithotripsy is done when stones are in the kidneys.

I am learning though.

 When stones are in the bladder, it's a whole different procedure.  
The Pres will go to the hospital the end of this month.
  The procedure will be done.

The urologist will use laser and shock-waves attempting to shatter the largest stone he has along with the others that are in his bladder.  The largest is 3 centimeters in diameter and there are three other "satellites" around it.  I tried to take a picture of his ultrasound for you but it came out lousy.
You'll have to use your imagination.

  He will be released "same day"...thank goodness!  However, he has to wear a catheter for four days after which he removes the catheter at 6 am Monday morning and has been instructed to drink 64 oz of water before he goes for his follow~up visit with the doctor.

Oh, one two more things.
The Pres HATES...HATES...HATES water.
The Pres HATES catheter's even more!

Anybody want company for a few days?


TexWisGirl said…
i sure hope the 'shattering' will go well and be completely successful! yikes!
Anonymous said…
Why are men such terrible patients? My hubby just finished 38 radation treatments for prostate cancer and about treatment 20 i was ready to take a loooong vacation...
Good luck and prayers for you both..
MorningAJ said…
I've got a stone that size in my gall bladder. Just waiting to find out what they plan to do about it.
The last doctor I worked for had the same thing--I do hope it goes well for your husband, because I know how difficult it was for the doctor. You and your husband take care, and enjoy your weekend!
Ann said…
oh no fun. I'm not a real fan of plain water either so having to drink that much of it would be torture
Chatty Crone said…
Oh I hate that for him - that would NOT be fun at all. Hope he starts to feel better. sandie
I'm sorry to hear the Prez is having difficulties. Here's hoping that they can be dealt with swiftly and completely, and he'll be back to his normal self real soon.
Wishing the Pres all the best.
That is not a nice thing to have.. havent had it in my bladder,but had my gaulbladder out!
I had laser and was in hospital for 3 days ..then home. all was perfect.
He will feel like a new person.
best of luck
val xx dont worry JP doc's are clever today
ouch. that hurts just reading about it. sorry he has to go through that...but all will be good afterwards.
MadSnapper said…
OUCH! was my first thought, and I pray the shattering will work quickly and peace for you living with a man who hates water and catheters. water i love but i am with him on the catheter thing.hope all goes well
Nancy C said…
Men just don't make very good patients, I've found through experience. :) Hope he gets through everything fine and gets to resume chasing you around the house soon. :)

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