Live From The Lake

Hearing the weather forecast for today, it was just too beautiful a day to pass up for the chance to kayak! After all, it is mid~November!  When I arrived, it was 40 degrees.  Now, drifting where the chilly waters carry me, Mother Nature is heating both the earth and sky with the occasional appearance of the sun.

While the mallards and the white swan seem to be playing hide and seek with me, the intermittent cries of the red~tails can be heard from the forest.

The rivers were a tad more active than they've been all summer.  Laughing out loud as I struggled to paddle against the current, I decided that "white water" is not for me!

Oh.  One more thing.


I met Charlie!  


Jeremy Bates said…
Now that looks peaceful. I was just telling my fiancee that we needed to do some kayaking while on vacation next month.n We are headed to Bolinao, Philippines.

Were there many people or did you enjoy your time pretty much alone and away from other humans?
TexWisGirl said…
so very pretty and peaceful.
Ann said…
It was a beautiful day here today also. Nice way to spend the day
debra said…
So pretty...what a wonderful day !

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