"OK...so I FORGOT"

was my response.  Yet he just wouldn't leave it alone.  Periodically as various conversations continued throughout the day, he'd slip in yet another dig.  Smiling that smile, with a twinkle in his eye, he'd come closer to give me a hug to reassure me that it was alright...that he'd forgiven me... because I forgot.

Now I'm not trying to make excuses for my faux pas, however:

I am OLDER (sixty five soon).

I did prepare and cook two Thanksgivings...two complete "turkey days"...back to back!

I did give each family their own Pumpkin Pie to take home along with leftovers to feed them for a few days.

I did send each family home with their own can of RediWhip

I did manufacture three dozen Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with cream cheese filling and the giant chocolate chip cookie that my DIL and grand daughter decorated.  It was transformed right before my very eyes...didn't it come out AWESOME!!!!!!

Cake by Jenn & Mia

Flowers by Jennifer

Yes, both days were wonderful except for the 

ONE thing that I FORGOT.


 something my son looks forward to...:(


Anonymous said…
Tell him to bring his own next year.
MorningAJ said…
No shops nearby. I assume?
I don't do eggnog! More for him ;-)
OH dear JP:
I am not familiar with a Thanksgiving table..
From what i have seen (tv only) it looks like christmas.
If so! Then that was really a lapse.. you cant have
christmas without egg nog..
you will have to make some special just for him for christmas.
Ashling said…
You did an amazing job (I want some pumpkin whoopie pies, please!), and everyone knows eggnog is for Christmas. And he could have brought some, or gone out to buy it...or made some! You're entitled to forget, he's entitled to tease, but seems like right now is a great time to starta new tradition putting HIM in charge of the eggnog procurement.
Gail said…
I think he would be in charge of Eggnog from this holiday forward.
Meryl Baer said…
Open mouth, put in foot. From now on he is in charge of the eggnog.
You did a fabulous job on TWO holiday dinners - I don't know how you did it all and I am very impressed!
Ann said…
I have to agree with the others, put him in charge of eggnog next year...lol You did great with all you DID do. I would have been exhausted
I'm with the others here--You put a lot of work into making everything perfect, and I think not having one thing, highlighted the best of everything else! :-)
Thanks for the reminder that we need to add it to our own grocery list this weekend. You sure did your share of work with preparing dinner on both days AND sending folks home with leftovers. Delegate the egg nog buying next year, JP.

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