Reading My Mind

Every morning lately, in the distance I hear a noise.  The sound builds, getting louder and stronger...a crescendo if you will.  The first few times, I stood in amazement, looking up...waiting to see what it was.  

First the sky fills with the largest flock of birds I've ever seen.  

The noise is deafening.

They land in the trees at the edge of the forest.

They seem to take a breather for only a few seconds.

Undaunted by the commotion, Moon and Copper didn't even look up to acknowledge their flight.  However, they didn't like it when the flock of starlings perched in our trees edging the nearby forest.  Moon ran along the trees looking up and barking as if to say, "You're not welcome here...move on!  Mommy doesn't want an Alfred Hitchcock re~make of THE BIRDS filmed here!!"

Perhaps she was merely
reading my mind!


Anonymous said…
They do make an incredible racket don't they?
gld said…
We just saw a huge flock of birds cross over the sky a couple of days ago. I imagine they were starlings too.

Ugly,disgusting birds.
Nancy C said…
I experienced this last year and it was an amazing sight for about a half an hour. Glad you were able to witness it too. :)
Could this be some kind of phenomena.. I had the same thing happen here about a week ago. In fact it scared me a little.. so so many birds flying above the farm.
As though they were fleeing from something.!
very strange.
Indeed your photos and post remind one of
Hitchcocks bird's.. Oh that was a scary film.
wishing you a good day JP:
there is a time difference between us of some good few hours..
best wishes val x x xthanks for your support and comments on my posts..

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