The Way We Were



Then along came Sandy.

Now, only this small tree sheltered deep in our surrounding woods has held on to it's foliage to brighten things up.

However, you should see the size of our burn pile!


Unknown said…
Just came over From Thursday Favorite Things. My first visit. I'm a new follower. Come over for a visit! Love your blog!
Ashling said…
So sad to see it go so fast....
Our leaves are mostly gone from the winds too.
TexWisGirl said…
still pretty, though. :)
Hello JP:
I am sure that you are glad there was not too much damage..but however, what I saw on tv..was horrendous ..
stay well
JP, if leaves are all that went with the storm, you were indeed fortunate and glad to know you were safe. We have been keeping in contact with our family in CT and they are all OK. That's not the case with family and friends in NJ who remain without power nearly 36 hours after the story's impact. And sadly there was flooding where we live on the VA eastern shore that cost dear friends their home which flooded badly. Continue to keep everyone so affected in our thoughts and prayers.
Inger said…
I love that little tree, somehow it gives hope in the midst of all the devastation. I am so glad you are safe.
I thought about you this week and wondered how you had fared through the hurricane. Our property is covered in pine cones and needles from them getting blown off during the storm--Sandy really packed a punch!
Ann said…
that's pretty much what it looks like around here now too
gld said…
So glad that was all you lost to Sandy!

You do live in beautiful country!

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