Tired of You

It was time for my cleaning.  It had been six months and was time. Although I've never been fond of dentists, I went to my scheduled appointment without hesitation.  The hygienist cleaned as we chatted...well she chatted.  I listened.  Yep before I knew it, it was time tor rinse and spit.  The dentist (not my usual) came in to inspect and everything looked good.

When I got home, I was starving and immediately made a ham and cheese sandwich, wrapped it snugly in a paper towel and popped it in the microwave for 20 seconds.  It hit the spot!  However after I finished chewing as I rolled my tongue around my teeth, I felt something.  It felt like a giant hole!


Part of my upper back tooth had broken off.

I swallowed it.


Call the dentist.


to be continued...


Anonymous said…
Oh no!
Ashling said…
Oh wow...that's just so wrong. Good luck!
Unknown said…
NOOOO!!!! This is NOT okay! What happened? Are you okay? Oh gracious - sending see beautiful thoughts your way!
MorningAJ said…
I blame the hygienist. I think mine is always trying to rip lumps off my teeth!
EG CameraGirl said…
OOPS! I just got home from my dentist a little over an hour ago/ I hope ths is not an omen. ;0
Bee Lady said…
Do not tell me stuff like this...I have nightmares about teeth!!!!

Cindy Bee
BUMMER!!! Hope you can get it fixed quickly and without any pain.
Ann said…
Now why couldn't that have happened at breakfast before you went to your appointment
Oh. no..thats awful JP:
hope you get it sorted.

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