You Never Know

The Pres has been so busy lately.  Saturday he went hunting with one of his younger brothers.  Gone all day...from 5:30am until 3:00pm, he was really pooped when he got home.  Shortly after he arrived home, he began to get severe leg cramps from walking so much.  Did he drink the water that he brought?  NO.  Did he drink the V8 that he brought?  NO.  Did he EAT the Snickers candy barS that he brought?  YES!  Did he the sanwiches that he brought?  YES.  Did he eat the Pineapple/Zucchini bread I made?  YES.  Bodies without fluids DEHYDRATE.  Does the Pres know that?  YES.  Perhaps he'll learn his lesson and drink fluids tomorrow when he goes to work with his brother.

Leaving a little later on Sunday, he once again headed to meet his brother...a little bit farther of a drive.  This time, he was going to help erect a building...a little side job his brother picked up.

Needless to say on Saturday I had lots of time to myself to get stuff accomplished.  Deciding that I would add to the cookie stash in the freezer (after all, the holidays are coming!!!), I baked eight dozen white chocolate chip with macadamia nut cookies along with nearly six dozen oatmeal chocolate chip bars.  Then I got most of the laundry done too.  Although I only got one walk in with the dogs, it was a good one making me feel renewed and energized.  

On Sunday, I decided it was time for some good old fashioned goulash and nearly filled the six quart dutch oven.  My goulash was delicious although next time I won't use as much seasoning.  After eating a big bowl,  I was just about ready to sit down to relax and grab the laptop when I saw a car pull up the driveway.

The woman in the passenger seat wore sunglasses and a hat which blocked my view of the man driving.  They pulled in...right up to the garage and shut off their car.  Who would be bold enough to just park in someone's driveway like that? I thought.  Moon and Copper were at the fence barking.  But it was the bark that said, "Come pet me...I know you!"  Exiting the front door and walking along the fence down the walk I rounded the corner of the garage.

As the woman opened the passenger door and began to step out, I recognized her!!
It was my daughter, Jennifer, and Angel.  They came from Newport for a visit!  It was such a wonderfully pleasant surprise!!!

What was as nice was what she said.
Mom, you have grass!

Oh, one more thing.

Now I had two someones to help me eat the goulash


the flaky bread braid filled with blueberries and cream cheese!!!

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Anonymous said…
Good timing on their part.
TexWisGirl said…
you DO have grass! :)
EG CameraGirl said…
How wonderful you had something to serve them. :)
Anonymous said…
Wow six dozen cookies you make. And that nice braiden bread with blueberries and creamed cheese. plus goulush. Yummy.

I made cake loafes and it was tiring and then I made some Cinnamon rolls as well in one day.I gave some to best friend she has broke her foot.My Hubby made homemade pea soup for them with pork Hogs..

I cannot imagine 6 Dozen cookies you baked. Your legs must kill.

You did made me laugh. Saying to self. Who would be that bold to sit in your driveway.

Ha,ha it was your daughter. Your a hoot!

Well I bet your daughter is even laughing harder.

Mom You never reconized me.

Glad she was your Surprise maybe that is why she wore the hat. You ever think of that.
Ann said…
You do have beautiful green grass and how nice that you got a surprise visit
Jan n Jer said…
Sounds like a perfect day...your cookies sound delish! I only bake cookies during the holidays.

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