Fit for A King

Last week I went to TJ Maxx to look for bargains and although I wasn't planning on this purchase, I couldn't pass it up.  I found a large round dog bed with a bolster in a manly black and gray hounds-tooth   It was a bed fit for a king.  Carrying it out on my shoulder, at least three people commented saying something like, "Somebody is going to have a good Christmas!"

  Moon got the floor and the handsome man, Copper, got the new bed!

One more thing.
In order for him to get in it, I had to put my old blanket on top of it.
Guess he really is KING.

Now for the Queen...:)

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That really is a beautiful dog bed!

gld said…
Our new puppy has adapted to her new bed without any urging whatsoever.

The blanket may keep the new bed cleaner....easy to wash it.

You do need to do something special for the other one now.....make some new treats maybe.
MorningAJ said…
It looks very comfy.
Nancy C said…
We can never spoil them too much for what they give us -- my opinion, of course! :)
Anonymous said…
Spoiled baby....
Ann said…
A very nice looking bed for the king :) I bought Duke a bed and he won't use it, he prefers the couch
Gail said…
Oh, yes, my dog bed is quite neglected. Lizzy prefers my bed but I can't fit into hers.

Merry Christmas.
Unknown said…
Whoa, that might actually be good enough to attract our little Grayson! For when he is fast asleep on my side of the bed, his six and a half pounds of body weight becomes quite intractable.
Anonymous said…
They love what they love and nothing will change that. Rowdy won't get on a blanket unless it's very clean.. If Izzy passes gas on it, Rowdy gets up and walks away and won't return until I give them a fresh blanket.. OMG... what a weirdo he is!!

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