Imagination & Dreams

For those of us who are still child-like, it doesn't take much to get our imagination going.  So, on Christmas afternoon when the phone rang and I heard my son (37) say, "Mrs Claus, is Santa there?", my brain immediately went into overdrive.  Raising my voice in hopes of not being recognized,  I couldn't believe what came out of my mouth.

   "Santa is napping.  he had a busy night you know, delivering all those toys to all the good little girls and boys."

My son then announced he was on speaker phone and that little Mia wanted to talk to Mrs Claus since Santa was napping.  Agreeing eagerly, I (now taking on the persona of Mrs Claus) whole heatedly agreed. 

 "Mrs Claus where are the reindeer?" said the four year old.

"The reindeer?  They are grazing near the edge of the forest before they lay down for their nap too.  They worked hard last night pulling Santa's sleigh all around the world you know.  The elves are all sound asleep, snug in their little elf beds and when Santa wakes up, I'll have his supper almost ready. He'll be really hungry after working so hard! Did you like the gifts you got from Santa?"

"Yes, but Mrs Claus tell Santa to take care of Lucy, my little elf, because she watched me this year, okay?  I was a very good girl and she's my friend.  I played with all my stuff today.  I made Dora breakfast.  She sat at my purple table.  I put all my crayons and paper in there.  My new scissors and markers are in there too!  Mommy said I could organize and eat my sandwich while I worked."

In the background, my son said, "Mrs Claus, tell Santa that we all love our gifts and thank you!"  Hearing Mia's voice join in with his, they said "Good-bye Mrs Claus.  Tell Santa we love him and thank him again."

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" was Mrs Claus' response.  She knew she had made two more people happy...playing in their imagination and dreams...
 and perhaps in hers too!


Anonymous said…
That's called 'decorating your life'. Good job.
Ann said…
My inner child loves this.
Unknown said…
Hearing a story like that reminds me of some of what I missed out on. So, having a grandma is really not so bad--huh?

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