Old Friends

While the cookies baked in the oven, it dawned on me that I should share with you my recipe holder.  No...I'm not giving it to you!  Nor is it a giveaway!

What I will tell you is that is homemade...made with love
 and was a gift from our former neighbor, Buddy, down in Virginia.

I love it!

Oh, one more thing.
Forgive me for the flour finger print on the side...LOL!


EG CameraGirl said…
Simple yet practical. Very nice!
MadSnapper said…
a great gift and a very creative idea.
Chatty Crone said…
I think that is a great idea.
Ginny Hartzler said…
It looks simple, easy to use, and like it does a very good job!!!
Unknown said…
WHAT? Here I've been begging for cookies, and you won't even give away your recipe holder! REPENT!
Ann said…
what a nice gift. I could have used something like that when I was doing all my cookie baking

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