Reflecting Persona

Holding classes in Connecticut for many, many years, their reputation speaks for itself.  Meticulous and methodical, he and his protege are both artistic and clear in their endeavors. Laddie Sacharko and Joe P, both trained and certified to teach T'ai Chi, are passionate about it's health benefits.

Our final class was held last week and with everyone's permission I took this photo. 

 We will resume classes in the New Year, striving to learn more of the "inner meanings" of this ancient Chinese art known as T'ai Chi. 

 It truly has been an eye opening experience for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone.  It not only has it improved my physical strength, balance and flexibility but also my overall well~being.
  I am hooked!

Yin Yang - Symbol

Oh, one more thing, the gentleman with the "halo" really isn't that angelic!...LOL!!!!


Ann said…
physical strength, balance and flexibility are all things I could stand to improve on. I wonder if there are any of these classes around here.

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