my story about having to get a cap and how the temporary fell off making me return to the dentist?  Well...

Last week, in fact, it was the morning I was bringing the Pres to the hospital the dentist had schedules me an appointment to get the permanent one put on.  The Pres and I really didn't have much choice.  We left early planned on stopping at the dentist since my appointment was for 8:30 am and he didn't have to be at the hospital until 9:30 am.  Besides, it got his mind off of his procedure.

Taking me right in the hygienist seated me and said the dentist would be right with me.  She entered the room and we exchanged greetings and smiles.  Then she said, "I am so sorry.  Yours was the only cap that didn't come in."

Holding back my annoyance and frustration, I undid the bib the hygienist had neatly placed around my neck, stood and put my coat on as I headed toward the front desk where I was told, "I'll schedule you for next week.  How's Tuesday sound?  It's only $35 today but you can pay that next week."

Uh, HELLO????
Do you really think I'm going to pay them????
 For what?

to be continued...


Anonymous said…
Are they insane?
JP. I think you should change Dentists.

You should come visit my son.. he appears on The doctors in L.A he also has his own programme here in Portugal..He is a dental surgeon..
I have never heard of treatment like you are getting.. you must speak up.. dont pay the money.
my son's name is Dr. Miguel Stanley.. his clinic is called White.
think about it.
wish you well.
val xx
EG CameraGirl said…
I think your dentist needs to pay you! JUST SAYING. :)
Ann said…
Now that is outrageous. They seriously are charging you for that?
Unknown said…
Oh my, I really shouldn't get started on the way I really feel about the healthcare system in this country. Suffice to say that there is something profoundly wrong with medical providers expecting to get paid even when they mess things up--not to mention actually getting paid for their screw-ups most of the time.
Being on the treatment side of a dental office, I like reading the 'other side' and have a sinking feeling about the rest of your story... I'll be back, and I hope you don't charge me for it! ;-)
Surely they don't expect you to pay for an office visit when nothing was done---Not if they want to keep you as a patient!
That IS crazy! I love my dentist - too bad he's so far away for you now!

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