Remember...(The Dentist, my cap?...continued)

The Pres had gone to work with his brother and left early so I had the entire day to myself   Since my daughter was off and heading to Connecticut we agreed to meet up of lunch AFTER I went to the dentist.  My appointment was for eleven and all I was having done was simple enough...removal the temporary cap and put on the permanent one.

Greeting me with smiles and "Have a seat, the doctor will be right with you,"  I decided to think positive, pleasant thoughts.  My dentist began attempting to remove the temporary cap.  Yep.  The sucker just wouldn't come off.  So inhaling deeply, she looked down at me and said, "Would you mind if I gave you Novocaine for this?  I have to cut it off."

Nervously and sitting up straight, I looked her in the eye.  "Could we talk about this?  I know you are a professional, however, I think "cut it off" sends the wrong message."  

Smiling, she agreed.

Diligently she worked in my mouth and before I knew the temporary was off and the permanent cap was in position.  This time, when we parted, I hugged her.  Now I was off to meet my daughter for lunch. 


Anonymous said…
Any photos of you trying to eat with a numb mouth and drool running down your chin lol? Seriously....I'm glad it's all over now and you won't have any problems over Christmas (toothwise that is).
I'm glad you got your permanent crown, but what about the $35 fee from the dry run when the crown hadn't come in? Was that for an office visit and did you pay it? Inquiring minds want to know! :-)
Finally JP:
What an ordeal you have been through!
I hope that you were able to enjoy a nice lunch with daughter.
Take care.
wishing you a happy weekend
val x
Unknown said…
Novocaine doesn't always work very well on me, and I once had a dentist make fun of me for wanting gas instead when a couple of teeth had to be pulled. So, I can testify that miracles still happen. For I didn't try to throw him out of a window back when I was perfectly capable of doing something like that.
Ann said…
oh my. You sure have had to go through an awful lot for that cap.
Unknown said…
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