The End is in Site

Today is the big day...a sad day.

  Although I'm really not looking forward to this, I know that it's the right thing to do.  I knew it was inevitable as I examined the fallen bark over the year.  Each and every piece was filled with tiny holes as if some parasite had drilled and chiseled it's way right to the heart of this magnificent thing of beauty.  
As the Pres told me, "It's better to get it removed before it can seriously damage the house."

The massive white pine is being taken down today.


gld said…
How sad; I know how you feel. Over the years we have had to have some magnificent trees removed. You did the right thing. I still have bent wrought iron railings and holes in screens from a tree falling on our house during a severe storm.
Ann said…
oh that is sad but the Pres is right. Love that picture, so pretty with the snow on all the trees
Mary said…
I'm so sorry -- losing old trees is like losing a family member. I know you will miss it.
I hope it all went well. I felt the same way when one of our pine trees broke in half during the hurricane, it's sad knowing that a part of history has been lost...
i feel for ya.
we have to do that too. in fact we just cut one down last weekend. =(

RIP pine!
Anil P said…
Always tough to see a constant presence going down. There's emptiness later.

Had felt likewise when the twin Gulmohars outside my window went down years ago, both bored by borers until they became hollow.
Anonymous said…
That is sad.
Oh, I'm so sorry. I physically hurt whenever a tree has to be trimmed severely or removed. We nursed along a big pine after the hurricanes, but it finally died and had to be removed. Go give it a hug, and then let it go on to other uses.
mshatch said…
I have some trees like that in my yard. It's hard to see them go.

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