The Joys of Baking

You all know how many cookies I make for the kids for Christmas...tons.  And as you can imagine, I have to stock up on flour, sugar and other baking ingredients.  So, recently when the Pres and I were in BJ's, he suggested that I pick-up this ten pound bag of sugar...just in case.

And he was right.  With cookie ingredients, cooling racks and trays all over the island, I realized the sugar container needed filling.  I walked over to "Abraham" (the seven foot cupboard we had built) and grabbed the bag of sugar.  

Walking back into the kitchen, I realized that there was a trail of sugar!  It was all over the floor, the braided throw rug near the door and all across the floor!!  What a mess!!!!  Just what I needed with two dozen cookies ready to be removed from the cooling rack and bagged and two more dozen in the oven ready for removal in mere seconds.

Yep.  Baking cookies is truly a labor of love.
Ah, yes...
the joys of baking...:)

However, I only have seven more kinds to bake and three kinds that need to be iced which I do right before Christmas.  And did I tell you, I found the cutest little cookie bags?  They are just darling...:)
Ho! Ho! Ho!


Unknown said…
If you weren't such a devout cleaner, you would have ants and other bugs to clean up messes like that!
Anonymous said…
Gosh, I haven't baked cookies in a long long time.
Gail said…
Oh, it's good to be in the holiday spirit.
Ann said…
your labor of love is way more ambitious than mine is. The ones I did this year almost did me in, I was exhausted
gld said…
Be sure and list what kinds you are making this year. I need inspiration.

I am making jams and jellies and just bought 20 lbs. of sugar!

I bet your house smells wonderful these days.
E. Beth. said…
oh, i love baking ... & i agree with you ... a true labor of love. love that saying. so right. ( :
I was wondering if you'd been baking your cookies this year! Your annual cookierama!

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