A Man About Town

Walking down Thames Street in Newport, my daughter and I noticed HIM immediately.

  HE stood out.
  HE was handsome.

  HE seemed to be saying, "Come on over girls and say Hi!"

  HE was only ten months old.

HE was something we just couldn't resist!

Asking the owner if I could take HIS picture and pet HIM before I moved closer, she smiled and answered immediately.  HE wagged.  Stooping down to stroke his large head, I gazed into his big, brown eyes.  Placing his left paw on my shoulder, he sniffed my face as if he knew me!  Then before I knew it, the other paw was on my other shoulder and we were eye to eye.  Telling him how handsome he was and that he was as soft as cotton balls, HE thoroughly enjoyed the attention.

A "PIT," said the woman..."puppy in training.  We're going to use him as a therapy dog because of his lovable disposition."

(It is here that I need you to imagine a
drum roll please...)

Meet Winston.

Oh, one more thing.
Winston is terribly knock~kneed which just added to his charm!


EG CameraGirl said…
LOVE the name Winston! I bet Winston will be a much-loved therapy dog.
And Winston has you to thanks, JP, for his moment of online fame.
MadSnapper said…
he is beautiful...
Cuby said…
He certainly is good looking.
TexWisGirl said…
a sweet boy, for sure.
Unknown said…
It sounds like you may have romance novel or two in you.
Inger said…
HE is totally ADORABLE!!
Ann said…
Oh he's a cutie. I used to have a chocolate lab named Winston.
Gail said…
Kindness in a big fur package... Winston, how cute.
Charming and endearing, and he looks so darn lovable--He'll be perfect as a therapy dog!!

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