Fences and Friends

Taken just ten days ago, when it was in the fifties the dogs just sat with their backs to the abundant Winter sunshine.

She sat...straight, erect, watching, focused...alert as always.

The boy?
Standing at the fence, he lost interest.

"The team" ended up within feet of each other leaning in opposite directions
watching the small herd of deer browse in our woods.

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Love these shots.

I need to email you re: newest neighborhood drama. It is NOT good :-(
Chatty Crone said…
Dogs are always on alert!
Jan n Jer said…
I bet the deer are used to the dogs by now.
TexWisGirl said…
cute little patrol officers.
Unknown said…
Oh how I miss being able to get out in the woods.
Rose said…
I wondered what they were watching! Glad you told us.
Cute dogs guarding the woods! :-) Love the pics...and your header is magnificent! Pretty stained glass!
Liz Needle said…
The woods are beautiful. And your own deer too. Do the dogs chase the deer?

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