I regret to inform you that our hot water heater's "e Mode" is dead... kaput-ski!  That means it
was not functioning.  The Pres noticed the flashing warning light when he went into the Utility Room to get something a few days ago.  When he first told me, my first thought was no big deal, we'll heat water in a pan like I did when I was a kid.  I was kind of looking forward to doing that to tell you the truth.  Sometimes it's good to get a reality check and stop being so spoiled.

  But then the Pres told me otherwise.

These new contraptions are really almost fail-safe.  What I found out was...just because one mode is inoperable, doesn't  mean the whole thing is shot.  There are three modes to this modern day miracle:  e Mode (efficiency mode), electric mode (water heated by electric coils) and hybrid mode (a combination of electric and heat pump).  It has been, I might add, extremely efficient, costing us less than $198 a year to operate.  Actually, because of the geo~thermal heat system we have in the house, it is even more efficient in the summer months!

Reporting the error message to the 1-800 number the next morning we were told to expect the parts within days and that it would be repaired for FREE!!  The boxes of parts arrived and sat in the Utility room for a few days waiting for the technician to arrive.  Well, it was slated for repair this week.  Ben from GE took care of it Thursday and it is now working like a charm.  He replaced the condenser (which had a pin hole in it and had leaked Freon) with what appeared to be a sturdier one so we're good for thousands of miles, he said.

First my camera and now the water heater.
Both being fixed for FREE!!!


Oh, one more thing.

Did I tell you that the Pres' truck's
  power steering pump started whining and squeaking a lot?

  Somehow I have a feeling what we didn't spend on the camera and the water heater will be spent on his truck!!


Anonymous said…
There you go....that's working better. It would be sad not to be able to leave a comment.
E. Beth. said…
i'm curious how you got your header photo to change? i have been trying for weeks to change mine & it won't ... getting really frustrated with google. i don't understand?

wow, free is good!! i love free. we all love free. right?!?! ( :
Ann said…
Nothing beats FREE!!! Could your luck hold out and you get that same price to fix the truck?
Angela said…
I'm glad they fixed it for you and you didn't have to replace it! Our washing machine broke last week. It took a few days to get a part but my husband fixed it and it is working just fine. I'm so happy because the part was only $140 and a new washer is very expensive since we bought that one. I was shocked at the price of them. I was shocked at how they have changed them so much too! lol
Free??? How wonderful! Yes, being without hot water would be a HUGE trial in winter. We were without a working heater for three nights during our last freeze before it was fixed and that was bad enough! :-) But, we don't get lower here than about 28 degrees, so I am sure I have little to complain about, at any rate! Yes, it's wonderfully warm here in fall and spring, and even sometimes during winter (it was 78 degrees just a week ago!) but our summers are pretty unbearable!

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