My New Wheels

Turning sixty five on Friday the 28th invoked many emotions for me.  I was surprised and excited when I pulled up email and saw one from a former boss, Charlie.  That's one thing I can say about Charlie.  He never forgot your birthday...ever...even though I haven't seen him in years!  He made me feel special...remembered.  Throughout the day, I received more and more birthday wishes making me feel so grateful!

Then of course, there was the card from the Pres sitting on the kitchen island as I walked by to make my coffee.  An awesome card...probably one of the best he's ever picked out!  But that was only the beginning.  When he woke up and I thanked him for his card, he said, "I liked it because of what it said."   Smiling on the outside and  the inside,I made my coffee and told him of my plans for the day.

Knowing that I was meeting my daughter for breakfast had me showered and ready to hit the road right on time.  We enjoyed breakfast in a quaint diner in Colchester, CT before she had to get back on the road and heading back to RI.  Meanwhile I was now headed to Kohl's to hunt for bargains...well one in particular...and use my $50 "Kohl's Cash" and my 25% off coupon along with a mail-in rebate of another $50.00!

See my new wheels.  It's a Shark Rotator Lift Away and it is AWESOME!    Using my coupons, "Kohl's Cash" and the rebate, I ended up paying $80.00 for it!  That really made my day...:)

Oh, one more thing.
Don't you love the new bumper sticker I got for Christmas?
It reads:
"My Other Vehicle is a KAYAK"
It's going on my Wrangler...eventually!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!


Happy belated birthday. It sounds like a great one!
Cuby said…
A late birthday greeting from the UK.
Glad you are so pleased with your purchase.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday/Happy New the new wheels.
HAPPY birthday, HAPPY new year...and HAPPY vacuuming!! ha.

oh yeah, and HAPPY kayaking too!
E. Beth. said…
Happy Birthdy!!

Happy 2013!!

i love the sticker. the hubby & i need one of those. so cool!! enjoy the new toy. vacuum until your heart is content. ( :
Empty Nester said…
OMGOMGOMG! I got myself the new Shark rotator professional lift-away in RED!!!! I LOVE that thing and I am NOT exaggerating! It will suck the chrome off a bumper. LOL And happy belated birthday!
Sounds like a great birthday! Happy Belated Birthday and Happy New Year!
Hi JP.
Happy birthday for the 28th.. dont know if you saw my post.. Mr. M my x.. turned 80 the same day.
Many happy returns..
I love your new vacuum.. what a bargain with all those coupons.
Pleased you had a good morning with your daughter ..wishing you a Happy New Year.
val xx
Unknown said…
He really said, "I liked it because of what it said?" Come on now, you made that up--didn't you?
Ann said…
Happy belated birthday. That was some good deal you got there
Ginny Hartzler said…
Happy belated Birthday!!!! Tell me about the shark, my best friend is looking for one. How heavy is it and what makes it special, do you like it?
Happy belated birthday wishes, JP, and what a great bargain you wait until you get your other gift...yeah!
Inger said…
Happy Birthday and Happy New Year! I love the bumper sticker and I love that you still have your Wrangler. Our Wrangler makes me feel a lot younger than I am, except when I have a few problems getting my legs in.
Chatty Crone said…
Happy belated birthday! Nice wheels.
gld said…
Happy belated birthday! Great bargain shopping at Kohl's.

I hope 2013 is the best ever for you and the Pres!
Nancy C said…
I want a Wrangler is the worst way! But it ain't gonna happen this year. I'll be driving around with you in spirit. Lol. Love the bumper sticker!
Anonymous said…
Rock and Roll girl and Happy Belated Birthday!

Love the dog picture as well. That is priceless for wordless also.
Nina said…
Such a sweet photo! I hope the prayer will be answered and that you'll get a lot of snow!

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