Road Trip

     Heading over to my step-daughter's today to celebrate her oldest daughter's 12th birthday!  She's always been called "Jelly Bean" by me ever since since was a baby.  I am anxious to chat with her about her recent trip to Disneyland because while she was there, she had the opportunity to "walk the runway" with other girls within her age group!  She had been selected during a talent show this summer to "strut her stuff" along with compete in their talent competition at the ripe old age of eleven!

No camera will be going though.  It is going in for repairs.  However, I did find out that I bought an additional  two year warranty when I purchased the camera which took effect after the manufacturer's warranty expired.  So. looks like it will be sent to Nikon, checked out by them and repaired by of charge!!!

I was really glad to hear that because I really did not want to buy a new camera YET.  There are just a few other things that I have on my agenda that take precedence.



Anonymous said…
Hurrah for extended warranties. Let's hope they can get it running smooth as silk again.
Chatty Crone said…
Happy birthday to Jelly Bean - have a great time with her.
I hope you've enjoyed your day, camera or not, which I'm glad is getting fixed for free, it's the best way! :-)
Ann said…
gotta love it when a warranty kicks in. Have fun
Anonymous said…
i know what you mean about other things taking precedence over a camera... or in my case, a lens! I want one bad, but just can't do it right now.
good luck to Jelly Bean =)

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