Stranger Things Have Happened

I know!  I know!  Christmas is past and you are sick of hearing tales but I still have stories to tell!!!
Now that the kids are grown and have lives of their own, I really don't keep track of their sizes.  So needless to say, it was no surprise that when I was out shopping for my son for Christmas I had to resort to drastic measures!  

Finding what we wanted to pick up for him in Tractor Supply, I selected a large from the rack.  It was one of those Carhartt Men's Quilted Lined Bib Overalls thingys.  The Pres has had his for years and thought that it would be a great gift.

So there I was with this thing on the hanger looking around the store for a willing victim.  Yep.  I did.

Walking up to a tall handsome young man who appeared to be built like my son, I smiled as our eyes met. 
"Excuse me, would you do me a favor?" I said as I got closer.  "Would you just turn around so I could hold this up to your backside?  It's for my son for Christmas and I really want to be sure it will fit."

His warm smile was immediately followed by twinkling eyes and then blushing cheeks as he slowly turned around enabling me to hold the garment up to him.  "How tall are you?" I asked.  

"Six foot three" he replied.

Gazing into his bright brown eyes, I asked, "What do you weigh?"

Blushing but smiling, "205 the last time I checked," was his answer followed by, "I bought a large and it fits fine."

So...whoever you were

Wherever you are

Thank you...big hugs and gratitude for your willingness to help!!!

My son said it fits perfectly!


Mary said…
Cute story -- now if the genders were reversed...
E. Beth. said…
sounds like something my mom would do ... i would be too shy. i might think it but never go through with it ... ha. ha!!

the real question for you is ... did it fit on your son? did your eyeballing work out in the long run?!!? ha. ha!!! ( :
LOL, I'm glad no strangers have asked me what I weigh in the stores lately ;-)
Anonymous said…
And you got to do a little retail flirting. Cool.
Great story JP:
There are still nice people in the world..
Glad your son liked it.
xx val
Ginny Hartzler said…
Too funny! I think I might do that if the occasion ever rose.
Empty Nester said…
I do that all the time with young women when I buy something for the lovelies. It's so much cuter doing it for a son though. I'm gonna try that the next time I buy something for BestSonInLawEVER! Too cute!
Ann said…
Lucky you that you found a shopper that was similar in size to your son :) That's too funny and very sweet of the guy to help you out
Gail said…
Glad you found a model. I would like to hear his side of the story.
And I can almost picture you in the store, JP

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