Things that Hang,Howl and Swim

For some reason, I like things that hang...things that move...swing with the slightest of air currents whether they are in the house or outside.  For instance I intentionally hang the watering can on a small shepherd's hook  above a bird bath so when enough water is captured from a good rain storm, it drips slowly into bath.

Now, call me crazy, but when I pulled this picture off my cell phone (taken through the kitchen window), I not only captured my hanging things.  Looks to me like a got the face of a wolf as well!

Oh, one more thing.  My old friend, Paul, from VA sent me an heads up on this picture too!  He said, he saw an octopus at the base of the tree!


Now I know WHY that watering can was hanging upside down . . . Great idea, JP.
i think it looks like the entire wolf...his body...legs sprawled a bit at base of tree...head turned back, looking straight at you...VERY cool!!

(i have barrels & rain collectors scattered all over....too....)
Anonymous said…
Yep...I see them. We have three trees that I can see from my living room window that have figures hiding in them.
TexWisGirl said…
i actually can see both. :)
Inger said…
I see a either a giant, furry, gopher sitting on his hind legs or a small beaver doing the same. Sorry for being so unromantic!
Ginny Hartzler said…
I don't see the wolf but I saw the octopus before I even read about it. What a great idea to have your birdbath watered for you!
I saw the wolf before the octopus.

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