Barn Charm # 41

Nathan Hale, Coventry, CT

Yes, although we could not go any further, this is the best we could do to capture the barn at the Nathan Hale Homestead.

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TexWisGirl said…
nice and red against the snow.
Karen Lakis said…
Very pretty - I love the natural shingles and the red siding. That's a charming little place!
Looks great with the snow!
Mari said…
It's a pretty little barn and it has quite a history.
Wow! That's 250 years old???? AMAZING!
Very neat- what does that say? Do not climb on the what?
Anonymous said…
Looks like a beautiful place, esp the red barn in snow! =)
Unknown said…
He sure looks like he had a nice place!
Willow said…
I always love a charming barn !

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