Charlotte Has Arrived

Arriving at 8:17 this morning, Charlotte has already covered our yard after only 2 1/2 hrs.  Rail service has been cancelled.  Flights have been grounded.  Just about everything here is closed or closing around mid-day.

Yep, the bird and suet feeders are all full and we have plenty of seed on hand for my little friends.

Napping now, Moon and Copper and I walked this morning before IT began.

They did take a few steps out in it just moments ago, but decided that it wasn't worth their effort...LOL!  They both did an about face on the patio and trotted back in!

The Pres has his plan in place for plowing the gravel road, the driveway and a few paths through the yard to make things a little easier for the dogs to get around.

Gosh, I love this stuff!

It makes me feel like a kid again!!!...:)

Oh, one more thing.

My camera arrived the other day.  For that I was grateful.  However, reading their note inside my elation ceased.  It was returned "as is" because the "damage was not the result of normal use."

I'm guessing that fall from my jacket pocket and sitting in the powdery snow for a half hour had something to do with it.

I am now in the process of "camera shopping" and, in fact, solicited some feedback from Nancy (the artist) who belongs to a local Camera Club.  For now, I am using it "as is" because it seems happy to be's working just fine!!


Anonymous said…
Well isn't that's working again and they didn't fix it. Or maybe they fixed SOME of it before they realized what had happened. Oh well..get a new one and keep the old one as backup in case you do a wing ding again.
MadSnapper said…
your baby's look so happy and warm and cozy. I love the header photo. really beautiful. you are all set and cozy for IT.. the light is in the window to guide anyone that gets lost.
Ha, maybe the threat of being shipped out shook some sense into your camera! Hope it continues to behave.
Ashling said…
Charlotte? Did you rename Nemo?
Ann said…
Well I'm happy you are getting the snow but I wish it wasn't falling here as well.
Too bad about the camera but that's pretty cool that it's working even though they didn't fix it
Angela said…
I hope your camera continues to behave! I want to see some pictures of some deep, deep snow! Stay warm and don't go out on the roads!
gld said…
I love the new header picture. I wondered if you would be affected by this new storm. Keep us posted by how much and how badly. We have had very little snow so far.

Our new puppy was a little wary of the light snow we got at first.....

Hope you all are snug and warm in this blizzard.

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