Inspiration From A Friend

Sometimes, you just need a little inspiration.

 It's something that I've often thought about and wished I knew how, but that's as far as it went.
Thinking about it.

So, not long ago when my good friend Lisa from Two Bears and the Three Cubs did a post about taking cake decorating classes.  After I read it, I scooted her an email.  Responding almost immediately she told me where "in her neck of the woods" classed were being offered.  She then told me how much she enjoyed them and that did it.

  I filed the following thought: Research and find a  "cake decorating" class.

Now it's nothing new but being old older can have it's draw backs.  Sometimes, we have so much to file we forget what folder we put something in.    

Well, for whatever reason, the folder labelled ME re-emerged today and was pushed to the front.  

I am happy to report that a Michael's has recently opened in nearby Mansfield and is only about 6 miles from my house.  Yep, I've been there, inquired and am happy to announce that I am 

Take a Cake Decorating Class!

The four week class (2 hrs each) only cost me $10.00!!

Oh, one more thing.

Thanks, Baby Girl!

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Gail said…
Never too "old" to learn something new. Enjoy!
Karen Lakis said…
That's fantastic. I love learning new things, and think I appreciate it even more as I grow - ummmm - more mature. :-)
E. Beth. said…
well, that sounds fun & exciting too. i can't wait to hear more about it. enjoy!! ( :
And will you be offering samples to all yous blog friends, JP? Taste testing is one of our specialties :-)
Jessica B said…
Thanks for stopping by!! Nice to "meet" you :) The cake decorating class sounds really fun - I'd love to do something like that. Great way to combine creativity and yummy fun. Happy weekend! Hope to see you back next Friday.
PlumPetals said…
I've always wanted to go to cake decorating class! My baking is good, but my decorating needs a lot of work!! Enjoy :) (Stopping by from Friday Five!)
Candy C. said…
Good for you! That sounds like a LOT of fun! Can't wait to see some of your creations! :)
Ann said…
A "ME" folder, what a great idea even if it's just a mental folder (which by the way I wouldn't be able to remember) I learned cake decorating on the job but a class sounds like fun.
Mimi said…
Oooh, I look forward to lots of pics from your cake decorating class!
laughed so much at "Sometimes, we have so much to file we forget what folder we put something in."!!
That's the same kit used for my class. You'll learn so much. I have a post going up later this week for what I learned in class 2! Hope your instructor is as great as my Debbie was!

Glad you got your package :-)

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