Nemo, the Magnificent

...:)  JP


E. Beth. said…
i guess i need to wake up - i never knew it was called "Nemo" - seriously though at 1st every one was watching "Finding Nemo"... ok, ok ... i'm awake now. big big hugs. stay safe & sound. enjoy the snowy view. ( :
Best of luck with Dear Ol' Nemo! Blahhhhhhhh....

I popped over here, from some other blog. Coming to your blog, and viewing your lovely quiet header, is simply wonderful. So calm, and peaceful, and a lovely view of our great NE. :-)

Plus your blog name (A Quiet Corner) *grabbed* me. I'm very much into finding quiet corners too! :-) Oh I love the sparkles of life. But I also love and need, the quiet of life.

And so glad you have your camera back!!!!!

I completely understand how you would have camera with-drawl symptoms!!! I would be bereft, without my little Cannon!!!!!! :-)

Bee Lady said…
Stay snuggled in and warm. It might be a long few days. Enjoy the quiet.

Cindy Bee
OK, JP, so we are more than a bit jealous of your snow covered view as we look out over the puddles in our yard...but one day in the future perhaps we will have a similar view. Sorry to hear about the samara, but maybe being home is having a positive effect? Say safe and warm and have fun in the snow.
Unknown said…
It is good to keep a positive attitude...

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