Not A Lightweight

Remember when we had to have our 95 foot pine tree taken down back in the beginning of December?  Well, Marty (the fellow who oversaw the task) stopped by and told us he'd be by one Monday to cut down the remaining twenty feet.  We were glad he suggested waiting until the hard freeze hit the area so when it fell, there would be minimal damage to the lawn.  After the recent single digit temps, it was time.

Taking a few pix with my cell phone since the camera was not yet back home from the repair shop, they are far from perfect.  But they'll do.

Cutting the Wedge

Santos gave it a little push from the other side of the fence and a thundering boom, it was down!  It doesn't look like much, does it?

According to the boys, the total weight of this twenty foot section is close to 3 tons!!

(in case you've forgotten:  1 ton = 2,000 lbs.)

They carefully placed the severed wedge cut from the tree under the ends that could potentially roll.
They will be back later in the week to haul them away.

Oh, one more thing.
When the weather warms up, I am going to attempt counting the rings.

Then, I'm considering hollowing the stump a little, filling it with rich soil and making a flower bed!


Anonymous said…
That's a lot of firewood.
E. Beth. said…
1, 5, 12 & what's normal for tree counting rings? ( :
That really was quite the tree, and I wouldn't have thought of waiting until the ground was frozen to do it--It makes sense!

THANKS also for the advice on contacting Dominion Power--I'd not thought of it, and it's a good idea--Stay tuned!!
Ann said…
that's huge. I like your idea of turning the stump into a flower bed. I think a nice slice of that would also make a great table
TexWisGirl said…
bless that big ol' tree for all the years it lasted...

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