Reporting for Duty

About a week ago, driving home from work after he'd picked up the little one, my son called.  "Mom, do you think you could come and watch Mia next Friday?  Jenn is taking her to an appointment in the morning and then has something going on at work and we don't want to bring her to day~care for the few hours before I get home."

No reason was needed, I thought to myself before I said, "I would love to.  Could I speak with her?"

"Mia, what do you want Nana to bring next week when I come to babysit?"

"Nana, can we make cookies?"  the exuberance in her voice was refreshing.  "I think I would like you to bring your craft bag too and we can use my table.  You can sit on the chairs.  You'll fit.  Nana, will you come to my birthday party this year? And Nana, remember to bring the Boo~boo Birdies because I have a boo~boo!"

Apparently she has no concept of time yet because she just turned four the beginning of December and she's already talking about the next one let alone that by the time I get there to watch her, her boo~boo will be all better!!!

So, that's where I'm heading today...I'm reporting for duty!!!
Can you here the exuberance in my voice?

Oh, one more thing.  Boo-boo Birdies are gel packs that are placed in the frig then placed in their soft cotten cover to place on little boo-boos!

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Anonymous said…
Awwww....I want boo boo birds too.
Ashling said…
Boo boo birdies are a great idea, and your day sounds like much fun. Enjoy!!
Empty Nester said…
I most definitely did hear the exuberance in your voice! Hope the day was even better than you knew it would be!
Ann said…
I know this is a duty that you are going to enjoy big time. Have a good time with Mia. Cute boo boo birdies too
MorningAJ said…
I think I could use a boo boo birdie on my neck! Have fun.

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