Truth Be Told

Yep, it's true two fronts are going to merge together and create one "hellava" winter storm here in New England beginning Friday and ending Saturday!!

In honor of the impending storm (and might I add that I can't wait!!!!!), I tried to mirror a complete 


Can you see it?


Angela said…
I have been hearing reports that it is going to snow 2 feet up around where you are! That's not fair! lol rant Old Man Winter is forgetting about me this year on my birthday! He always gives me snow on my birthday! I've been wanting a big deep snow on my birthday for years and you are getting it and not me! lol When I was a kid it snowed on my birthday almost every single year. School would close and mom would say Old Man Winter gave me a birthday present! lol Here's the other kicker to the story. My last name was Winter! roflol
Ashling said…
Stay warm, safe & cozy!
Anonymous said…
Well I'm happy for you that you're getting your wish for the white stuff.
I sure can JP:
I am sure that you are well prepared , with your fires lit and lots of extra food in.
Its getting colder here.. but not as cold as where you are.
wishing you a happy week
val xx
I can see it, and I wish I would be able to see it here--We're getting gypped again here in VA! :-) But stay warm, and I'll be looking forward to your photos!
Unknown said…
When did you say you were headed for Aruba?
Ann said…
I do see it and I'm glad it's in your neck of the woods and not mine :)
Stay safe and stay warm!!!!
Anonymous said…
Stay safe and warm... hope you have supplies put by... ((hugs))
Anonymous said…
I have the two feet already.

Of course I live up North retired with hubby and minus weather so that is norm for me.

Be safe and be careful in driving if you have too and never slam on your breaks in snow.

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