Why Should I Start Now?

Having that Arctic air sweep down across Connecticut, our temps like so many others dropped to lows they haven't seen here in years.  After a few days of it, I told the Pres he should go out and start his diesel since he hadn't used it all week.  I've been using the Mini to go back and forth to the gym and Tai Chi and it is kept in the garage so we knew it would be fine.  But, the Pres' truck doesn't fit in the garage so it remains outside year round and I was worried about the old thing.

Heading out the front door with the grocery list tucked in his shirt pocket (yep, shirt...no jacket!!), off he went to get in that truck that had been sitting in temps that to me felt like life on the Arctic tundra.

I could hardly believe it!  Out of the driveway and tooling down the gravel road as if it was waiting to get some exercise, he was gone in a flash.


Anonymous said…
Diesel...noisy, stinky and dependable.
Nancy C said…
It's all in the attitude. If you know it will start -- it will. :)
Inger said…
good for the truck and the Pres ~ tough guys both.
Tiggeriffic said…
Yes, it's frigid here in Iowa too.. Dog gone cold.. lots of snow with chance of more snow today.. I really like the snow but not this -5 that we are having today... My friend has a van and her side doors froze shut.. I told her if she gets them unstuck to spray some WD40 and that will help them from freezing up again..
Glad the diesel started up and Pres. was able to run some errands.. It's always good to get outside and get the stink off.. That is what I used to say to my kids in the winter time when it was cold and frosty outside.. "Go outside and play and get the stink off"...
Have a great week=end.. Ta ta for now from Iowa:)
Angela said…
I'm glad it started! It has been so cold here too the past few days, but Tuesday I was driving around with the windows down and the sunroof back because it was 77 degrees! lol What a change! My new truck don't fit in our garage either! lol I'm fortunate it has remote start so I can warm it up before I have to get in it and it has heated seats!
Anonymous said…
They're tough trucks! =)))
An example for all cars and trucks to follow!! :-) I had to grin at the Pres not having a coat on--Makes me cold just to think about it!
Ann said…
Sounds like that truck is just as tough as the Pres. They can both take the cold :)
Ha, I'm such a cold wuss, I would've been wearing long johns and two jackets ;-)
That Truck is some truck.. I am sure that the Pres was really chuffed his jeep just started up.
I can see your weather there is still cold and snowy..
We are having lovely days here, but its cold. I have the wood burner fired up..
Its still a way to spring..
Great shot of the Pres driving off..
Happy Sunday JP:
val x
JP: forgot to mention.. I like your new header.. really lovely.

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