Winter~Barn Charm # 39

Andover, CT

Pictures from our local newspaper showing the stillness of a local farm in the winter.
All I did was play a little.

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E. Beth. said…
love what you have done with the shot. so cool! have a great week in the snow. i wonder how long it will take to melt? can't recall do you enjoy snow at all? i so hope so. big hugs. ( :
Anonymous said…
Love the shot. That is what you call life in the country. My sister and hubby were farmers and I loved to be on the farm with her as a kid.

Don mean to be a complainer but your pictures are so big. It takes me forever to get into your blog here. I have high speed.Can you size them down one notch on your blog. I think large is a good size.

carol l mckenna said…
Lovely shots ~ serene ~ for MM

Carol of: (A Creative Harbor) on blogger
Ann said…
Love the texture you've added. They have a very vintage look
Lynn Holland said…
I love your blog header and the sense of peace it gives

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