Adapting Made Easy

When I worked at the bank, we had a "Performance Appraisal" done yearly.  It was our annual review and we were rated (using a range of 1-5) on various attributes that were specific to our job family.  One of the attributes was adaptability.  Leaving both my boss and myself very pleased when it was over, I always revceived great appraisals. 

The last time Mia visited us she told her parents as they were leaving the house, "I don't need any toys. Nana and Grandpa Joe have toys." Hearing this from my DIL made me smile....snicker actually... because what we have here is an old cedar chest (that we received as a wedding gift) filled with stuff...old stuff!

We have a few old Boyd's bears, a gallon size zip lock bag with some old miniature brass pots and pans mixed in with a few pewter miniatures, an old Netti pot that she uses as a teapot (LOL!!), a very old tic tack toe game made of wooden fire engines (a gift for the Pres years ago!!), some coloring books and crayons, an old plastic curler (does anybody even remember those?) case that is now used to hold a magnetic doll and her accessories. 

She loves "the stuff." 

Her imagination makes it easy!

She plays for hours and hours.

Although I COULD (and SHOULD) give my son and DIL some credit here, I'm going to step to the plate and take it all.



Nancy C said…
My mom has an ancient vacuum cleaner storage box that was used as our toy chest for as long as I can remember. She's kept many of our old toys in there and the grands and great-grands love everything inside it. :)
Anonymous said…
My grandma used to have an old suitcase filled with the same kind of odds and sods.
MTWaggin said…
That's the fun of going to Gmas house is to get to play with new "toys"! Isn't it fun to see their little imaginations run wild!
Chatty Crone said…
You should take the credit.
EG CameraGirl said…
Sounds like you have a lovely granddaughter and that you are a special grandmother. :)
Ann said…
It's in the genes so you do get credit :)
This is a sweet story. There is something so special about an old box of treasures.
I think a big part of it is having someone as awesome and fun as you to play with :-)
Nina said…
So sweet ~ your toys are something else, new and different from hers ~ it's great she appreciates it!

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