Already Beautiful

Everyone was happy and little Kree was so proud of her cake which was made to order.  "Gigi (that's what she and her younger sister, Tess, call me), is it chocolate inside?"

"Yes, it is Kree...just like you asked."

"And does it have frosting in the middle?" she said.

Looking in her big blue wide eyes, I said, "Yes, Kree...just like you asked...white frosting in the middle   You asked me for a lot of flowers and these are the only ones we learned so far.  Are they okay?" 

Nodding, she said, "Now there's enough for everyone!  They can all get a flower, Gigi!"

That simple statement made me think.
Kree will continue to be beautiful as she grows up.


MadSnapper said…
she is so sweet. I had never heard the name Kree until this year, one of the finalist on American Idol is named Kree, and here the name is a gain.
Nancy C said…
Pretty cake and prettier Birthday girl. :)
gld said…
Beautiful cake and beautiful little girl! Don't you love being close to them all now.
Dear JP. Kree will be ordering more cakes from 'Gigi'
Something she will always remember. soon she will be asking you to show her how to bake.
My Didi, loves to make cup cakes with me, when she is here.
Its a lovely cake JP. you are doing very well.
your grandaughter is beautiful.
xx val
That is so sweet and I love the simple logic of a child :-)
TexWisGirl said…
what a doll. and you are right. :)
Gail said…
She already had a head start on beautiful.

Pretty great looking cake, Gigi.
Ann said…
what a sweet conversation with the pretty birthday girl. The cake looks good too
MTWaggin said…
Awww she is a lovely child inside and out! Your cake decorating turned out really nice! Good job!
Candy C. said…
What a beautiful birthday girl and how sweet of her to want everyone to get a flower! :)

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