Barn Charm # 45

The other night on my way to Tai Chi, I was trying out my GPS and it sent me a way I'd never been.  This time, though, I had "zoomer" with me and I found another BARN!  Because I left a little earlier and it's staying light a little longer, I actually lingered a little to get the geese in their nearby field.

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podso said…
That is a charming barn and the tree is a great picture with all those rocks surrounding it..
Those are great examples of charming countryside. I love the cow sign.
Looks like a pretty place!
TexWisGirl said…
love the field w/ geese!
gld said…
Hey! They have bigger rocks than we do in the Ozarks. I assume that is white geese in the back ground? I remember seeing a field full up around Lockwood, Mo where it is mostly cropland and I commented how beautiful they were to the people at the tractor store and she said not to say that out loud! They flock in and pull the tiny green crops out of the ground and the farmers have to replant.
Chatty Crone said…
Love the geese and your new way of getting there! sandie
Nina said…
Oh boy, My GPS has done the same ... lol ... Good you had your camera with you, wonderful captures from your xtra tour! :)

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