Basking in the Sun

Good thing I remembered to put all the tinted icings in the freezer before we leave for vacation.  While I'm away, I can "design" the cake top while basking in the sun.  Perhaps it will help if I draw the design in the sand while at the beach!!  LOL!!!!

When we get back home, not only will Course II Cake Decorating be starting but also we have several family get togethers to attend.  Although Tess turns six while we are away, we'll deliver her special request towards the end of April!  Dont' forget I have to begin planting my perennials, helping the Pres build a deck let alone resume kayaking.

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Betty said…
It sounds like you're heading south. Have a safe vacation!
Ann said…
sand and sun, that sounds wonderful
Anonymous said…
Creative photo ~ lots of color and reflections ~ Enjoy your vacation ~ ^_^
TexWisGirl said…
sounds like you're headed for some fun!
Shirley said…
Basking in the sun sure sounds good about now!!! Have a great time!!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Looks like a fun project!

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