Different as Night and Day

HE sits

SHE Moves

In our last storm when we got a foot of the white stuff, I watched the dogs enjoy the warm sunshine the day after.

To them, it's all a game.

HE sits.

SHE moves.

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Anonymous said…
Beautiful winter photography and love your dogs ~ how classic ~ he sits, she works ~ enjoy ^_^

I know weather upcoming does not sound good ~ _ ~
Nina said…
Lovely bright snowy landscapes! And so fun observations if the differences between the puppies :)
Mary said…
Mostly the same story here for Buck and Sioux -- what's up with that? :)
eileeninmd said…
Cute shot, I only have one dog. She stays where ever we are. Have a great evening and happy week!
Ann said…
I think I would rather be working instead of sitting my butt in that cold snow....lol
Isn't that usually how it is? I'm working 'he's' sitting!! :-)
Chubskulit Rose said…
Just beautiful!

Shadow Shots
Your comment is always appreciated.
Our dogs are so different. She is a herding dog so she runs out and then comes back to be at my side, waiting for the next burst. He is more of a hunter, nose to the ground, wandering.

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