Last Saturday our last Course 1 Cake Decorating Class was held.  Once again we were told to bring a cake with a plan to decorate it in class.  Scurrying around the house after our company left, I gathered my cake decorating bag,  the cake carrier,  a bag holding three containers of colored icing and my pre-made roses. 
Thank goodness for the 6 P's (prior proper planning prevents poor performance).
 I was out the door in a flash and on my way.

Our instructor taught us a few more techniques (basket weave which is AWESOME and the Ribbon Rose) before she said it was time to decorate our cakes. 

 I wanted my cake to be simple because it was going to be used to celebrate the Pres' birthday and he's not into cake OR frosting...not at all.  Pie, yes.  Cake, no.  However, he's been so good through this whole experience ...supportive, encouraging and eating CAKE!!

To my surprise, it was much easier than I thought when lifting the pre-made roses and placing them on the cake without doing any serious damage to their fragile ruffles.  Then, applying leaves in a direction that they would appear natural, I decided that my last step was to apply my shell border and I would be done! (The old KISS (keep it simple stupid) approach kicked in from my banking days.)

I was totally taken aback when Mildred, our instructor, announced that she had certificates for us.

I passed!!
Now, on to bigger and better things.

Cake Decorating~Course 2

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Anonymous said…
Good for you. You'll be giving the Cake Boss a run for his money.
E. Beth. said…
i'm curious - do you have a plan or what will you do with your skills in the end? do you have some one getting married & you wish to make them a cake or you want to open a bakery? or what?

so fun. look so beautiful. you go girl!! keep up the good work. ( :
MTWaggin said…
YEEHAWW! Of course you passed, we all knew you would now I bet Pres would like his P.I.E. please! LOL
Lucky Lady said…
your cake looks yummy
Great turned oit great!
Ann said…
Way to go and that cake looks great. I've always loved the way the basket weave looks on a cake.
MorningAJ said…
That's BASIC? I think it's amazing. I wouldn't even know where to start. Be proud of yourself. Be very proud!
Candy C. said…
YAY for you!! What a lot you have accomplished so far, can't wait to see what's next! :)
Petro said…
What a lovely, cheerful and cute color! That would make me postpone the eating part :)
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