Mosaic Monday

Following the well~worn path and walking beneath the trees the river got closer and closer.  As the roar intensified, I awaited the arrival of the eagles.

This day, they didn't come.

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Mosaic Monday


Bee Lady said…
You might not have seen eagles, but you got some gorgeous pictures! My Shug came in yesterday and told me to keep an eye out that he thought he saw an eagle on our land!

Cindy Bee
Samantha said…
Very lovely shots, eagles or not.
It drives me crazy waiting on our eagles LOL!
Anonymous said…
Took a good long look, closed my eyes and I could hear the water. Ahhh.
MTWaggin said…
Still it looks like a nice day for a walk!
TexWisGirl said…
nice wintry watery scenes, though.
I've only seen one once, on the Connecticut River, such a sight!

simply bev said…
Though you didn't see eagles you did capture some wonderful shots. Thanks for sharing!
Candy C. said…
What a lovely place for a walk, even without the eagles!! :)
Ann said…
Nice mosaic. I love the one looking up into the trees.
Jill Harrison said…
beautiful view looking up into the trees, and a lovely walk despite the eagles not arriving!
Have a wonderful week. I am joining you through Mosaic Monday.

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